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  HADANO Events Guide

    【 秦野のイベント 】

- Hadano Events -

Hadano has various seasonal events such as the Tobacco Festival, which is the largest event, and the Tanzawa Festival, which heralds the arrival of spring to Omote-Tanzawa with a great ceremony to open the mountain.

Event Guide
Hadano Cherry Blossom Festival

- April -
A festival held during the sakura season. The venue is illuminated at night during this period.

Hadano Tanzawa Festival

- April -
A festival to herald the arrival of spring to Omote-Tanzawa. A mountain-opening ceremony is held at Hadano Togawa Park.

Tsurumakionsen Spring Festival

- May -
A festival for enjoying spring, held in front of Tsurumakionsen Station. The festival features many stage events.

Tanzawa Bokka Relay race

- June -
A four-person relay in which the competitors carry pebbles of a regulation weight on their backs from Okura to Hanatate.

Hadano Tobacco Festival

- September -
A festival full of events from various parades to stage events.

Sanetomo Festival

- November -
This is a memorial event held for Sanetomo Minamoto, the third Kamakura Shogun, as his burial site is nearby.

 Hadano Event Calendar

January Fukumukaesai,
February Setsubun,
Plum Blossom Festival
April Cherry Blossom Festival,
Tanzawa Festival,
Tsurumakionsen Spring Festival
May Hadano City Trade and Commerce Festival
June Tanzawa Bokka Relay race
August Uryuno Hyakuhattai
September Tobacco Festival
November Sanetomo Festival
December Daruma-Ichi Market

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